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6/20/19 | Three Nights in Faral-Khazal

What do a royal chef, an embalmer, and a career thief have in common? Three Nights in Faral-Khazal is a triptych of standalone (but interconnected) stories in the same high fantasy city.

9/6/19 | Of Steel That Stings and Other Sharp Things

Emelith the Finder infiltrates a manor to sabotage a duel in her client’s favor.

1/29/20 | Ebb & Flow

Diary entries from both sides of a naval siege.


2/29/20 | I, Exile

Exiled into a wasteland because of a heist gone wrong, Emelith vows to hunt down the one responsible. Except not all is what it seems in the haunted realm of the Cauldron.

3/20/20 | The Corpse Eternal

When Advocate Moralt investigates the body of a possible saint, he begins to wonder if murder is afoot.

The Corpse Eternal

4/12/20 | A Hero Reborn

The granddaughter of Odysseus seeks training from Atalanta.

Available on The Fifth Di… by Alban Lake Publishing

5/1/20 | Banshee Song

Soldiers on the frozen frontier of Euvael uncover a dark secret.


6/10/20 | A Mother’s Crusade

Inspired by historical research on the Children’s Crusade